How Inception Can Help

Inception Technologies can help with a wide breadth of services and solutions. Tell us how much of the work you want our team to take on and we will handle the rest.

Document Scanning Services

The most common starting point for our customers is getting paper records digitized.  Paper is costly whether you want to physically store the records, digitize the records, or search for records within the containers.

Our services and solutions help put your documents at your fingertips.  Our team can digitize your records for you or set you up to scan the documents yourself.

Secure, Store & Search

When you combine Inception Technologies’ document scanning services with our DocTanium Cloud or DocuWare offering, documents are now securely stored in a fully searchable database.  Documents are literally at your fingertips. What may have taken hours or days to find is done in seconds.  Users, Groups and Roles mean you can secure documents so only the appropriate users have access to the documents.

Sharing read-only secure access to your clients will enable them to see their documents without allowing them to delete or edit them.  This can also greatly improve turnaround times on important decisions.


Our solutions and services can help you automate your business processes.  With a workflow solution from Inception Technologies, eliminate duplicate data entry, route data and documents, and integrate with hundreds of external systems.  With e-forms, we can help gather key information from your clients and staff while automatically passing and filing the documents for you.

Our team of pre and post-sales support is here to help you move your law firm into the digital age.  Keep business moving even during events like a pandemic or natural disaster and take comfort in knowing your documents are secure and accessible even with a remote workforce.