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Microfilm Can Still be a Game Changer

Transform your paper and digital images into enduring microfilm records, combining the best of both worlds. You and your team will appreciate the long-term archival capabilities, improved physical data integrity, and easy compatibility with existing microfilm systems.

We’ll help you create high-quality microfilm versions of your paper and digital images, bridging the gap between modern technology and traditional preservation methods. Trust our expertise to create microfilm masterpieces that preserve all the fine details and endure the test of time.

Scanning paper files to digital images provides many benefits.  However, there are several business-use cases where the creation of microfilm as a back up to the digital image should be considered.  Microfilm can serve as the “back up” to the image and the paper.


Why you should consider microfilm

  • Legally accepted in all 50 states as an alternative to original document
  • Unalterable so unimpeachable as a backup to original content
  • Microfilm is the only medium currently considered permanent other than paper
  • No long-term costs to store on film and will not degrade
  • High-capacity legal storage media
  • Easier to restore images from microfilm than to try to rescan paper
  • Best choice for preservation of historical documents
  • Is not for customer daily use but as a backup

Microfilm, by far, is more cost effective for long term storage when you consider monthly or annual storage costs for paper.  Paper Storage Costs will are ongoing and continue to rise– microfilm can reduce or eliminate that cost completely.

Microfilm, unlike digital images, is immune to Ransomware or other attacks on digital data.  It will always be supported because the major manufacturers who sell digital imaging equipment recommend the use of microfilm when there is a need for long term storage or permanent retention of digital images (Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon)

Microfilm cannot be altered, unlike paper which can be, so if the information on paper is vital to business continuity or required to kept permanent for compliance, then microfilm is the best option.  Paper can be altered, will degrade over time, and can be easily damaged.  This is especially true for historical documents of any type – microfilm is the best choice for preservation.  Key things that

Questions to ask yourself if you should consider creating a backup of your images to microfilm.

  • Do I need to store my long term?
  • Are these files considered permanent records?
  • Are your files Vital Records?
  • Do I need a disaster backup to my images?

If you have answered yes, then you should contact one of our representatives to discuss how we can help.

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