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With DocuWare, you don’t need to worry: DocuWare and Inception Technologies are dedicated to bringing you all of the advantages of digital document management while protecting your critical documents from loss, damage and prying eyes. With over 25 years of experience helping businesses like yours, we offer the safest solution for managing all documents and information across your organization.

The world has transformed in the past two years.  Our solutions and services can help any organization adapt and thrive.  With a suite of tools available both for on-premise and cloud based, DocuWare and Inception Technologies can quickly deploy a solution to meet your needs and help your business prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

The New DocuWare

Greater Productivity

Upgrading your current paper-based filing system to a digital solution gives your employees streamlined access to business documents and – in addition – provides for a smooth and rapid information flow. Instead of searching for documents, your staff is free to focus on higher-level tasks and making good decisions that boost your bottom line.

Business Continuity

In addition, document management makes sure that you continue to operate your business even in an event of a fire or flood. Documents can be easily replicated and stored off-line or in the cloud as a perfect disaster recovery solution.

Data Security & Compliance

A document management system helps you control access to sensitive information and enforce security measures. The system also helps ensure compliance with industry and governmental regulations by automating your financial records management and retention processes.

Lower Costs

Creating and storing paper documents is expensive. A four-drawer file cabinet takes up lots of floor space and costs $1,500 per year; maintaining a dozen of these cabinets would require hiring an additional employee. Switching to a digital document management system delivers real savings on document storage, as well as copying, printing, shipping and personnel.

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