Inception Takes the “WORK” out of Workflow!!

Inception Technologies is leading the way in providing workflow solutions to all types of organizations.  Workflow solutions are designed to optimize business processes. It does this by standardizing everyday predictable workplace activities as ‘workflows’. Workflow solutions are used to both streamline business processes as well as automate them.  Inception Technologies has helped build successful workflow solutions across many businesses and departments.

Every organization has workflow needs where data and documents must be captured, entered, and routed through a series of tasks and operations.  More than just a checklist, workflow provides automation minimizing human intervention.


With a workflow solution, you can have complete transparency to your business process. In addition, because the workflow is designed based on how you do business, as employees change your processes remain in place. With a full audit trail, you can maintain the transparency you need as well as understanding what transpired at each step of the process.  This helps with compliance and security with your business and industry regulations.

Eliminate Backlogs

Every organization has people or processes that slow down the overall business process.  With notifications and escalations, these hold ups can be identified and resolved.  Create custom notification schedules with email alerts or Mobile App notifications based on your needs.  These notifications can also help with notifying back-up employees in the event an employee is absent.

Avoiding Image Silos

The problem with many businesses and using workflow is that data and documents tend to be isolated in various applications.  Integration between these applications using API’s (Application Program Interface) requires expensive programmers to build these connections.  Even worse, each time an application is upgraded there is potential for the connections to be broken and more development is needed.

Inception Technologies has the technology to connect various web-based applications using Low/No Code platforms.  Organizations now can make connections with very little programming, if any, which lowers costs and increases productivity extending workflows beyond the traditional workflow engine.  Data and documents can flow from one silo and into another eliminating data entry or complicated API programing.

With iPaaS (Platform as a Service) connectors are built that create communication between apps that previously would have cost thousands of dollars to create through an API.  With hundreds of connectors built for various apps, the possibilities are exponential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with workflow in my organization?

    Inception Technologies can help you get started. It is not uncommon to feel lost or confused as to where you should start. Our team will work with you to identify your workflows and provide a solution to implement and automate your business processes.

  • Do I need to run the workflows on my own servers?

    The answer is no. With the cloud and web applications that are continuously being developed, your workflows can move to the cloud so that during shut downs, disasters or pandemics, your organization can stay up and running. This enables remote workers to work from home or the road to get work done.

  • How much will workflow cost to implement?

    While there is no magic formula that can answer this question, the simple fact is that costs have come down dramatically with the advent of iPaaS (Platform as a Service) that enables applications to talk that have no custom connections built. This low/No Code approach is the latest advancement in the world of document management and workflow.

  • What is my expected Return on Investment?

    Our team can work with you to develop an ROI Calcuation based on your workflow needs and current information. There are many factors that come into calculating the costs and ROI so a thorough analysis should be done before presenting numbers for an ROI. However, with applications such as Accounts Payable ROI can be within 3-9 months depending on your process.

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