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Digitally Preserve the Essence of Knowledge

Utilizing our Book Scanning Services, you can enhance the value of your printed books through seamlessly paginated digitization. Enjoy the benefits of easy searching, portable access, and long-term preservation of the written word. Our skilled team delicately handles each book, ensuring the integrity of every page while capturing crisp digital replicas.

Trust the book scanning specialists at Inception Technologies to transform your book collections into a versatile and enduring digital resource library.

Inception Technologies specializes in providing book scanning services for companies of all sizes.  Our scanners can handle Bound books up to 18×24 inches.  We can scan your books up to 600 dpi on our specialized book scanners in full color, greyscale or black and white, depending on the needs of your project and organization.

We produce high quality images that can be run through OCR to create searchable PDF’s.  Our specialized book cradle and glass platen helps ensure even the most delicate books are able to be scanned without destroying the books itself.

Why Outsource Book Scanning Services?

Becoming a highly efficient and accurate document experts like Inception Technologies takes time and can consume an organization’s resources.  Inception eliminates the need to hire temps, invest in technology, and no need to train your staff.

  • We are experts in document scanning and processing documents. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on your organization’s goal
  • Our staff is highly trained and can process your documents quickly and accurately
  • Our investment in specialized book scanning technology means we can deliver your digital books with the highest quality and in a timely manner.
  • Our production control system provides you with the peace of mind that the job is being done as specified and give transparency into our process

What are the benefits of scanning your books?

  • Put your books at your fingertips easily searching and sharing files across the organization
  • Protect your historical or fragile books while providing safe secure access to the content
  • Eliminate wasted office space

Why do organizations scan their paper records and books? is an industry leading research firm that provides education and resources to help organizations embark on a digital transformation.  In a survey of their members were asked what the main drivers for going digital were.  Below is a summary of their results showing the three main drivers to be improved process productivity, reducing physical storage space and improved search capabilities.


Our Document Scanning Process

Transportation DocumentsOur team will come in and pick up your records right from your location. If needed the team can also provide boxes and pack up your documents for you. Documents are secured throughout the pick up process and the team does not make any intermittent stops. Our team will count the containers and verify with you how many they are taking. Security is the utmost importance, and our team knows how to protect your documents as they transport your documents to our facility.
Inventory RecordsIndustry best practices recommend that you do your own inventory of what is in your containers prior to our team picking them up. Once the Inception team picks up your containers, they are immediately checked into our production control system. Each container is inventoried and where possible validated against your manifest. Any discrepancies are immediately communicated to you upon discovery. This step provides the first in a series of quality control checks to make sure all of your documents are captured.
Document PreparationDocument prep consists of removing all staples, paperclips or fasteners from each document. Because some pages will be of various sizes Inception Technologies staff will, where appropriate, tape smaller pages to an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper to ensure uniformity at the scanner stations. All sticky notes and other non-standard pages will be prepared and scanned unless they are blank, in which case they will be removed and discarded. This step ultimately gets the documents “Scan Ready.”
Document ScanningDocuments will be batch scanned using the latest scanning technology. These procedures involve analyzing the documents to be scanned to determine the correct threshold to yield the best image, scanning the documents, creating a PDF image and utilizing Perfect Page processing software to enhance the scanned image to assure the highest possible quality for each image.
AI & Data ExtractionOur team uses some of the more advanced software on the market today. Our capture workflow will route the documents through the Artificial Intelligence engines and utilize advanced data extraction techniques to capture all the information relative to your documents and/or business process.
Quality ControlInception Technologies personnel will review each image captured to verify image quality and data integrity. Objectives for this review include Readability, Skew, Border removal, Multi-Page feeds, and Document Separation. If any errors are found, Inception Technologies will re-scan these documents, ensuring that all pages scanned are of consistently high quality.
Deliver DocumentsOnce your documents have been processed, Inception can deliver your documents electronically on media or upload your documents into the cloud. Physical documents can be transported back to your facility if needed.
Records Retention & DestructionBased on your needs and instructions, Inception has the capability to move documents into our long term secure facility if you do not feel comfortable with destruction. Ultimately, documents can be shred based on a defined retention schedule using our secure industrial shredders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I need a Book after you have taken the files?

    We know how important it is to have your books accessible to your staff.  Simply contact us via phone, email or text message and our team will work to pull the book and either scan the book or deliver it back to you.  If you are using one of our secure cloud services, we can deliver the file to the cloud providing your instant access to the book.

  • How long will it take to digitize my files?

    The honest answer is that there are many factors that determine how quickly we can digitize your records.  Some of those factors are the number of pages in the books, the total number of pages, how many data elements need to be extracted and what type of books you have.  Ultimately, the best estimation can be given once we determine these factors.  Rest assured our team will do everything we can to process your books as quickly as possible.

  • How can I figure out how many pages I have?

    The majority of our customers store their document in a standard 15 inch bankers box (1.2 cubic foot).  These boxes generally hold approximately 2,500-3,000 pages per box.  Other customers are still storing them in filing cabinets.  As an industry average, we estimate about 130 pages per linear inch.  To really get a better sense of how many pages you have, please use our FREE quoting tool.

  • Once the books are scanned, how do I get the documents?

    Once we are doing scanning your books, we can deliver them to you in a variety of ways.   One of the most popular methods is to deliver to one of Inception’s Cloud services.  Do you use Microsoft Sharepoint? We can deliver images directly to your Sharepoint instance.   We can also deliver images on an encrypted drive or to your line of business system.

  • How much will it cost to digitize my books?

    This question is usually where customers start.  There are many factors that determine pricing.  Some of those factors include the total number of pages, paper size, the quality of the documents and what data needs to be extracted.    How the data is delivered can also impact the pricing.

  • How do we get our books to you?

    Inception can come in and pick up your books. If you are not located in our immediate area, we can help arrange a secure pick up providing the necessary resources to properly transport and track your boxes while enroute to our facility.

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