Automated Invoice Processing Services

Outsourcing your invoice processing provides many benefits.  Not only does it speed up the payment approval process, it also helps reduce costs.  Inception Technologies can process your incoming invoices digitizing paper received via mail and extract digital invoices from your email inbox.

Once the invoice is received, our systems will automatically extract the key data elements and verified for accuracy.  Documents can be routed to the appropriate team members for approval based on how your business rules.  As documents route through and complete the approval process the documents and data can be directly exported to your ERP system and/or document management system.

Benefits Of Automated Invoice Outsourcing

When you digitally transform your organization, the most immediate benefits are efficiency and cost reduction. Increased efficiency in accounts payable is an easy way to streamline your workflow, reduce labor costs, lower the cost per invoice, improve accuracy and reduce errors. The cost saving is immediate and comes without upfront costs to your business.  Some of the other benefits include:

  • Eliminating manual operations
  • Reducing approval times
  • Avoiding duplicate payments
  • Gaining  visibility into invoices from time of receipt
  • Managing invoices from anywhere
  • Improving cash flow
  • Drastically reduce audit prep time
  • Reducing AP processing costs up to 80%
  • Auto-matching invoices to POs
  • Benefiting from vendor discounts
  • Eliminating error-prone processes
  • Enforcing security, fraud prevention and compliance
  • Integrating with any ERP System

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