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Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Bundled Scanning Services Pros and Cons

04/19/2024 - By Chuck Sink Created 1 month ago

Considerations of Scanning Services as a Bundled Option

As more businesses and organizations move to invest in document scanning services so that they can operate more efficiently, many quickly come to a crossroads. There are ECM or Document Management Software vendors that offer document scanning modules as part of a “bundle,” but don’t necessarily meet all of a company’s ongoing needs. It is therefore important for organizations to consider when bundling will make sense for them, and when it won’t.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the bundling offered by ECM/Document Management Software providers and independent Capture Software vendors can bring is that the former typically does not include classification and extraction software as an option or path for growth. Consequently, companies will likely have to devote significant amounts of man hours to having employees sort every document that needs to be scanned into a number of different piles, then actually scan and categorize the documents before moving on to the next batch.

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