KODAK i4250 Color Scanner

KODAK i4250 Scanner

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The Kodak i4250 Color Scanner offers a host of features combined with exceptional image quality to help deliver high productivity. Get crisp, clear images even with challenging originals, thanks to Alaris Perfect Page image processing. And Dual LED technology produces excellent OCR read rates for more precise data extraction with no loss of scanning speed.

Kodak i4250 Color Scanner Key Scanning Features:

  • Perfect Page with iThresholding Image Processing
  • Length detection protects against papers getting overlapped and appearing as one long document
  • Double document detection ensures that only one document enters the scanner at a time, which is especially helpful when a small document sticks together with a larger document
  • Intelligent document protection “listens” for a telltale crumpling sound and immediately stops the scanning process
  • Metal detection prevents forgotten staples and paper clips from scratching the scanner glass
  • Front Pre-Scan Printing
  • Production scanning requires robust capture software to maximize the throughput and return on investment (ROI).  Software applications such as ABBYY FlexiCapture, PSIGEN PSI Capture or Kodak Info Input can help any organization maximize productivity.  Because of the superior image quality, the Kodak i4000 series scanners help OCR extraction, increasing the accuracy.   Interactive Multi Feed Recovery feature streamlines the process of double feeds and re-scans improving performance by 15% or more.
  • Additional Items Bundled with the i4250:

  • TWAIN, ISIS & WIA Drivers
    Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software
    USB 3.0 Cable

Please note the i4250 scanner comes equipped with a document printer; however, to utilize the printer, you will need to purchase and install the Enhanced Printer Accessory.

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