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Inception Technologies utilizes the most advanced image capture and data extraction software on the market. We use a combination of various data extraction techniques, Artificial Intelligence, and manual data entry to get the job done.

Why Outsource to Inception Technologies?

  • Accuracy – Our multi step quality control process ensures the highest accuracy for your job
  • Experience – Inception and our staff has been providing document scanning services and document management solutions for over 25 years
  • Reduce Cost – Inception’s team can process faster and more accurate while your team can focus on higher value tasks than data entry

Who Needs Data Entry?

Companies of all sizes require data to make decisions, perform basic business functions and move business processes forward. Unless your business is data entry, chances are that you have limited resources to perform the work and your costs are higher than you would like. Even small companies can benefit from our data entry and data extraction services where each employee hour needs to be focused on the core business to drive profitability.

Inception Technologies can alleviate the burden of data entry by using our highly trained staff and state of the art software to extract the information you need to drive your business. Combine our services with our Cloud services and Cloud connector workflow platforms, Inception can pass critical business data to many different cloud applications. This provides instant delivery of the critical business information to your application and eliminates the need to perform manual data imports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry to Inception Technologies

The benefits of outsourcing are many. Your organization should be focused on activities that drive your bottom line profitability and we can help you do that while providing the benefits below:

  • Reduce Temporary costs –  Eliminate the use of temporary workers
  • Reduce labor costs – Reduce staff or re-purposing them for higher value tasks
  • Secure your data – Use our site for processing and uploading your data to the cloud
  • Eliminate duplication of data – Inception can upload into multiple systems using workflow and cloud based connectors
When you partner with Inception, you are partnering with a company that is invested in your success. Our business grows when we grow your business. That is our motivation to deliver to you the accuracy and speed you need for helping your business grow.

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